Get out! It’s over! I’m done! I’m out! Goodbye! or Have a nice life!  At some point in time, we have heard these words not truly realizing what they mean until they don’t come back. Leaving us feeling heartbroken, sad, angry, upset, lonely, disappointed and a host of other feelings.

How do you get over a relationship when you did not want it to end? How do you get over the hurt or pain of not being with this person? How do you move on to healthy relationships?

  1. Let go of the fantasy.  The relationship probably wasn’t good anyway. Most people mourn for the relationship they thought they could have had if things had just been different. But the truth is, that relationship didn’t exist.
  2. Let go of rejection. Don’t feel that you were rejected. It just didn’t work out and you should not settle.
  3. Talk about your pain. I find the best way to get over something is by talking about it. Acknowledge your feelings about the relationship and how you feel about it ending.
  4. Forgive them and yourself. Make peace with the past and cherish the good memories. Learn from the bad ones.
  5. Love, let love and love again. It’s okay to still love the person, love someone else, and let someone else love you.
  6. But most importantly love yourself the right one will come along…